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That Boy in the 8mm Film



That Boy in the 8mm Film.. an eBook at Amazon by Robert Carlson

Today… every child, teen and adult has a phone with a camera that can record moving pictures… in color… and with sound.

But back in THOSE days, the 8mm movie camera was far more rare. One would point it at people and they either mugged for the camera or tried to turn away lest a bit of their soul be captured. Then you had to deliver the film for processing and WAIT.

There is something bittersweet about the images of LONG AGO flickering on the wall… lifesize and shakey.

The projection beam lit up all the airborne dust that nobody seemed to notice except when an afternoon ray of sun splashed across the room. The Bell & Howell projector along with its matching camera have been relegated to distant memories by the invention of the camera phone and all the intermediary film technology that too preceded it.

But for now, my memory is sharp and Nicky still lives…

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